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2100 Plus Series Combination Sewer Cleaner

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Vactor 2100 Series combination sewer cleaners combine high-pressure water jetting and a high-flow vacuum source to scour pipes clean then vacuum up the material causing blockages to restore and maintain normal sewer flow.

2100+ PD Model

If your job requires pulling material long distances, positive displacement (PD) technology is more appropriate. Operators have convenient and quick access to the filter screens and quick release pins to remove the float ball screens. The cyclone dump chutes are at the rear of the unit, making the Vactor 2100 one of the most user-friendly combination units available.

Vactor 2100+

Positive Displacement Blower
The most productive of its kind, our multi-stage blower filtration system features dual air ports which maximize material separation in the debris body, stainless steel ball shutoffs to prevent liquid debris carryover, centrifugal cyclones to remove escaped particles and condensation, and stainless steel screen strainers to protect the blower from particles as small as 750 microns.

2100+ Fan Model

For all around sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, Vactor's fan system is a practical choice. Whether equipped with a single or dual (for greater vacuum ) fan system, the lightweight, perfectly balanced aluminum fan provides superior performance to meet your toughest jobs.

2100+ Fan

Single Engine Fan
Like the PD model described above, the fan model features a single engine design that takes advantage of the unused power available in the chassis engine. A closed loop hydrostatic drive system powers the fan system, and this unique control system minimizes energy consumption while maximizing performance.

Vactor Jet Rodder

Vactor Rodder Pump

Vactor products feature the exclusive Vactor Jet Rodder water pump with jack hammer action. The powerful vacuum source can be either a centrifugal compressor (fan) or positive displacement blower (PD) depending on application.

Introducing the Newest Vacuum Excavator to the Vactor Line!

The HXX ParaDIGm™

HXX photo

The most innovative, versatile compact vacuum excavator available.

Click here to view the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm brochure


Watch the video below to see the ParaDIGm in action!



I wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how good of a job Staci and Jamie are doing for you. Staci and Jamie have drastically improved the communication and effectiveness for the Kinloch Arlington location. Last night we had a truck break down (of course at 4:00 PM) and having to have it towed to your shop, Staci stayed late last night till 8:30 PM until my truck arrived; once the truck arrived he called to let me know he had it. This morning they had already plan on pulling it in the shop to start assessing the issue. This type of commitment to your customers to go the extra mile (in my opinion) is what separates a great manager/company and an “OK” manager. The dependability to know if I’m in a bind and know I can count on Kinloch is HUGE for our business. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Staci and Jamie going the extra mile for Pro-pipe and helping us out of a bind, staying in front of our issues and turning our trucks around as fast as possible.

We look forward to doing business with you all,

Ben Goodall
Branch Manager
Professional Pipe Services

The Best Equipment...All Under One Roof!

Kinloch Equipment & Supply Parts Department & Service Center At Kinloch Equipment & Supply, we work hard because we know you do too. We provide the highest quality lines of equipment available for government, municipal, school district, and private use. We stake our reputation on the products we offer: large equipment, parts, and top-notch service.


Both Used and New to Meet your Needs
Kinloch Equipment & Supply takes pride in the products the products we offer. Our suppliers include Vactor, Elgin Sweeper, New Way trucks, IBAK, Pacific-Tek, Federal Signal, Vivax-Metrotech, Superior Signal, and more. We also have a stock of used equipment for companies that need to get the job done on a budget. All used equipment has been inspected by our service department. Check out our used equipment page for more information.

Parts & Service

Products Offered by Kinloch Equipment Quality and Reliability
There is a reason why our customers come back to us for routine maintenance. Our shop personnel and parts department provide quality assistance, backed by knowledge, experience, and dedication to the job. Providing only the most reliable products, our Parts and Service departments will keep your equipment running at optimal performance.


IBAK Pipeline Inspection van Whether your equipment is undergoing maintenance, you have a short-term project, or only want equipment on an "as needed" basis - our rental fleet can do the trick. Kinloch Equipment & Supply keeps street sweepers, sewer cleaners, and jetters ready and in working condition. Call us today for more information!

What's New at Kinloch?

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