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Product Highlight: IBAK Panoramo System

The Panoramo system is revolutionizing sewer inspection.  Available for both pipeline and manhole inspection, the results are worth the investment.


With the Panoramo System, users note the following results:

  • Double per day inspection rate
  • Pipe is inspected for 30% less than conventional CCTV
  • 5x greater image quality
  • Software allows for quick inspection and later review
  • Cable parts need to be replaced less often = less maintenance and down time
  • The System

    The Panoramo System produces high quality images thanks to two high resolution digital photo cameras with wide angle lenses for forward and rear viewing.  These images can later be put together for a 360 degree view!  Inspection is done more quickly at speeds up to 70 feet per second.

    Data from scans is transmitted to the inspection vehicle and can be placed onto data storage disks for later review.  This means that inspection and review can take place at two different times - allowing review by experts to take place at a later time in the office.

    The Proof

    Want to see for yourself?  Check out the Panoramo system in action.