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Emergency Warning &
Lighting Equipment

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Highlighter LED Mini Lightbar

Highlighter LED Mini-Lightbar     IN STOCK!

-  Amber lens, clear dome
-  LED Technology
-  No dark spots or shadows
-  More than 20 user-selectable flash patterns
-  Permanent mount
-  Synchronize-able

Backup Camera System

Backup Camera System     IN STOCK!

-  Can support one or two cameras
-  Automatic triggering through individual camera trigger wires
-  Options for normal or mirror-image view
-  Built-in microphone
-  Easy setup
-  Intuitive controls

Pulsator Beacon

Pulsator Beacon     IN STOCK!

-  Available in strobe or LED
-  Zero-maintenance lighting
-  No dark spots or shadows
-  Ten easily selectable "strobing" flash patterns
-  Synchronize-able

Ultrastar Beacon

Ultrastar Beacon  IN STOCK!

-  Available in strobe or LED
-  Available in short or tall models
-  Long-lasting
-  Ten easily selectable flash patterns
-  Protected against moisture, shock, and extreme vibration

Signaltech Stop/Turn/Tail Lights

6" Signaltech Stop/Tail/Turn Kits     IN STOCK!

-  Reflector-cell technology
-  Kits include LED light head, rubber mounting grommet, and sealed wire harness
-  Enhanced lens design for uniform light pattern
-  Low amp draw
-  Protected against moisture and contaminants
-  High, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing
-  Protected against shock and vibration

Viper EXT Warning Lights

Viper EXT Warning Lights   IN STOCK!

-  Over 20 available flash patterns
-  Synchronize-able
-  Horizontal or vertical installation options
-  Wide-angle lens for superior off-axis light output

IMPAXX Warning Lights

IMPAXX Warning Lights     IN STOCK!

-  High output Solaris LED reflective technology
-  Compact size
-  Fully encapsulated waterproof technology
-  Wide variety of synchronized patterns
-  Come with standard black bezel and mounting grommet

Directional Warning Lights

Directional Warning

-  Available in LED or Halogen
-  4,6, or 8 lamp units
-  Sturdy aluminum extrusion with hood blocks