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Vacuum Excavation and Valve Exercising Equipment

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Pacific Tek Power Vacuum Vacuum Excavators are manufactured for potholing/daylighting vacuum excavation. Every Pacific Tek Vacuum Excavator can non-destructively find utility lines and pipelines, clean out catch basins, and work with Pacific Tek Valve Exercisers. To aid in digging, water or air is used under low pressure to loosen up the dirt so that the Vacuum Excavator can vacuum the dirt into the Vacuum Excavator's debris tank.

These units are offered as a skid mounted vacuum or can be built onto a flatbed or trailer. Pacific Tek offers seven basic tank sizes with over 100 different configurations and options, depending on the customer's needs. The larger tanks have a reverse flow option where, at the flip of a lever, flow is reversed in the system which allows you to either pump liquid or slurry out of the tank to a higher place, or, to free up clogging in the pickup hose by having air blow the reverse direction.

PV100 Vacuum Excavator

PV150 Vacuum Excavator


PV250 Vacuum Excavator


PV350 Vacuum Excavator


PV500 Vacuum Excavator


PV800 Vacuum Excavator




PT1000 Valve Exerciser

-  Long Reach Arm with GPS Option
-  Torque - 0 to 850 ft lbs
-  Speed - 0 to 25 RPM
-  AI/GPS System


PT8 Valve Exerciser

-  Torque - 0 to 300 ft lbs
-  Speed - 0 to 50 RPM


PT26 Valve Exerciser

-  High Torque Exerciser with GPS Option
-  Torque - 0 to 1,800 ft lbs
-  Speed - 0 to 40 RPM
-  AI/GPS System