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IBAK Pipeline Inspection Systems

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Kinloch Custom Portable Systems
Digital Camera & Specialty Systems
IBAK Cameras
Cable Reels

  Kinloch's Custom Portable Systems

Custom IBAK systems for your budget and needs

All portable systems can be customized for your budget and needs.

IBAK Cameras

From Analog to HD to digital, IBAK has a wide variety of cameras for different pipe diameters and uses. IBAK parts are all compatible to work together - allowing you to easily make changes, add functionality, and reduce redundant equipment.

T66 Tractor

This steerable tractor camera is the evolution of the KRA65 model you know and love. With added traction and greater pull strength, this agile tractor is the core of an effective inspection system.

BK 3.5 Controller

With a rugged case and built-in monitor, this portable controller is perfect for off-road inspections. This sturdy, ergonomically designed controller can be truck mounted and can run pipeline inspection software.

KT 180 Cable Reel

The KT 180 Reel is designed for portable or truck-mounted operation. Manual level=wind, carry handle, roller wheels, power-assist rewind, & more! Holds up to 656 ft of cable!

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  Digital and Specialty Systems

IBAK Panoramo


The revolutionary PANORAMO digital pipeline scanners will allow you to inspect twice as much pipe per day, increase your image resolution over traditional CCTV, and reduce your operating costs by 30%! With enhanced maneuverability, Automatic Tilt Compensation, and wide angle cameras, you won't miss a single detail when inspecting your pipelines!

IBAK Panoramo SI


This digital manhole inspection camera provides a complete 360° view of the manhole. Make it an addition to your current PANORAMO system, or use it as a stand-alone version, portable version that can be mounted to multiple types of vehicles.

IBAK Inspection Van IBAK Inspection Van

IBAK Inspection Vans

Convert quality vehicles and trailers to deploy your IBAK equipment safely and effectively. Ergonomic, user-friendly interiors are the main priority to meet your specific needs, so you can get the job done quickly and comfortably. From vans to trucks to trailers - Kinloch will help you design your vehicle interior with experience, expertise, and quality service.

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  Inspection Cameras

IBAK Hydrus Inspection Camera


-  Inspects pipes with diameters 2" and up
-  Color camera
-  Axial view
-  Push camera

IBAK ORION Inspection Camera


-  Inspects pipes with diameters 4" and up
-  Deploy as push camera or on tractor
-  Pan & Tilt, and adjustable focus
-  Available with 3x digital zoom
-  Available with laser measurement
-  ORION-L features "Kiel stick" to choose direction

IBAK Cerebus


-  Inspects pipes with diameters 6" and up
-  Manned entry camera
-  Connects directly to mainline cable
-  High-power LED lighting
-  Full duplex two-way communication
-  Includes safety harness

IBAK Orpheus Inspection Camera


-  Mainline camera
-  Pan & Tilt
-  40x Zoom and laser measurement
-  Upright picture control
-  Integrated location transmitter

IBAK JUNO Inspection Camera


-  Inspects pipes with diameters 4" and up
-  Axial view push camera
-  Integrated location transmitter
-  Auto-uprighting picture
-  Bright LEDs

IBAK ARGUS Inspection Camera


-  Inspects pipes 6"-120" in diameter!
-  Pan & Tilt
-  40x zoom & laser measurement
-  Powerful LED lighting
-  Auto-iris and Auto-focus
-  Integrated locator transmitter
-  Patented ROTAX picture control

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IBAK T66 Tractor


-  For use in pipes 4"-24" in diameter
-  Evolution of the popular KRA65 model
-  Heavier chassis for added traction
-  Small external dimensions for ease of maneuverability and use
-  Greater pulling strength than KRA65

IBAK T76 Tractor


-  For use in pipes 6" and up in diameter
-  Can be used with mainline & LISY Lateral Launch system
-  Zero radius steerting
-  Automatic Tilt Compensation
-  Folding 2-axis rear connector
-  Accessories: remote elevators & inclinometers

IBAK T86 Tractor


-  For use in pipes over 120" in diameter
-  Most powerful motor
-  Ideal for storm lines or any large pipe
-  Can traverse large debris & pull most cable
-  Integrated location transmitter

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IBAK BOP Controller


-  Control panel for push systems
-  TFT LCD bright monitor
-  Wireless remote control
-  Text display generator

IBAK BK 3.5 Portable

BK 3.5 Portable

-  Control box for portable applications
-  Video color monitor
-  Integrated keyboard
-  2 multifunctional joysticks
-  Robust text display generator

IBAK BE 3 Controller

BE 3 Controller

-  Control panel for fixed mounting
-  19" plug-in unit rack mount 4U
-  External keyboard and 2 multifunctional joysticks
-  Robust display generator

IBAK BS 5 Controller

BS 5 Controller

-  Control panel for fixed mounting
-  19" plug-in unit rack mount 6U
-  Remote display and control
-  External keyboard and 2 multifunctional joysticks
-  Robust display generator

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  Cable Reels

IBAK HSP 40/60

HSP 40/60

-  Coiler frame with wheels and transport handle
-  "Magic Push Rod" and max cable length of 200 feet
-  Available in 140 and 200 ft
-  Small frame to fit through manhole


KT 180

-  Cable Winch
-  Electrically supported winding device
-  Camera cable max 660 ft.
-  With wheels and transport handle
-  Cable guide device


KW 180

-  Cable Winch
-  Motor driven camera cable winch
-  Camera cable max 660 feet
-  Separate folding boom
-  Automatic level wind


KW 305

-  Cable winch
-  Motor driven camera cable winch
-  Camera cable max 1000 ft.
-  Integrated boom with winding device
-  Automatic level wind
-  Traction regulating device


KW 505

-  Cable winch
-  Motor driven camera cable winch
-  Fiber optic and twisted pair
-  Camera cable max 1640 feet
-  Integrated boom with winding device
-  Automatic level wind
-  Traction regulating device

IBAK KT 2020 Cable Reel

KT 220

-  LISY manual
-  Perfect for taking to an off-road mainline inspection point



-  Automatically manages pushrod cable in conjunction with the mainline cable reel

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