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Diesel or Propane Fuel in Asphalt Equipment- Which Is Right For You?

How to know which fuel is right for you- diesel or propane?

When it comes to asphalt maintenance equipment, no one manufactures better equipment than Stepp Manufacturing. The choice is not which equipment to choose for your asphalt needs- Stepp Mfg is a no brainer.

The decision to be made, is which fuel source to use?

In this article we will discuss:

  • Pros of liquid propane
  • Cons of liquid propane
  • Pros of diesel fuel
  • Cons of diesel fuel

This information has been provided by Stepp Mfg.

Many of the Stepp asphalt maintenance units are offered in both LP (liquid propane) and diesel
fired burners Systems. Below, we will outline some of the pro’s and con’s of both systems.

Diesel Burners give you about 1 ½ times more BTU than LP but does cost more. The cost per BTU
is very similar and almost a wash.

LP Pro’s

  • Less expensive burner system
  • Simple design
  • Does not require 12 volt electric power to fire unless they have spark ignition and auto temp controls
  • Can regulate the amount of heat by turning the valve up or down

LP Con’s

  • Small orifices that can get plugged easily
  • Pressurized fuel system can continue burning if the unit has a malfunction
  • Fuel is less available than diesel
  • You have to deal with LP cylinders
  • Very flammable if you have a leak
  • LP burners have an exposed flame required for combustion.
  • More sensitive to blow outs
  • Many insurance companies require the LP tank to be removed before entering a building for storage
  • or service
  • Burner system that requires a combination of component parts

Diesel Pro’s

  • Commercially available burner system, very similar to the home heating industry
  • More consistent heat
  • Very safe non-pressurized fuel
  • Burner has lock-out mode that shuts the burner system down when there is a malfunction
  • Fuel is available everywhere
  • More BTU’s per gallon
  • Forced air burner has no exposed flame
  • All-in-one burner system

Diesel Con’s

  • Requires 12 volt power to operate
  • Burner system has more components to maintain: blower, fuel pump, primary control, cad cell,
  • ignition module
  • More expensive burner

There are many factors to be considered when making the decision about fuel. In order to make the best decision for your company or department, let’s sit down and discuss all your needs.

Stepp Mfg. equipment available with either diesel or LP fuel options:

OJK-V Oil Jacketed Crack Sealer Vertical
SPH-premix-heater-asphalt hot box
SPH Premix Heater
SGS Flue Fired Asphalt Kettle
SBF- Bottom- Fired- Asphalt -Kettle
SBF Bottom Fired Asphalt Kettle
SMT- Mini -Tanker-made- by-stepp-mfg
SMT Mini Tanker
STRD- Trailer- Distributor-by-stepp-mfg
STRD Trailer Distributor

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