Electric Broom Bear Street Sweeper

100% Electric Broom Bear


Why choose the Electric Broom Bear Street Sweeper?

  • 100% electric, zero-emission mechanical sweeper
  • Enough battery capacity (400kWh) to handle extended shifts
  • A tight turning radius provides exceptional maneuverability
  • Reduced maintenance to maximize uptime
  • State and federal incentives available

Experience the power of 100% electric street sweeping

100% Electric, Zero Emissions- Uncompromised Performance

The Electric Broom Bear Street Sweeper is the SMART choice!

The sweeper is mounted on a Battle Motors electric chassis so it’s commercially available and proven in the field in a variety of other applications i.e., refuse trucks.

“As for the sweeper portion, it’s identical to the to the diesel engine version which means that parts commonality is identical. We have north of 75 of these Broom Bear’s running with customers around Texas and therefore have replacement parts inventory and service tech knowledge to be able to support maintenance and repairs as required.” Dan Federico, Sales Manager for Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc.

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