Elgin Street Sweepers- made in Elgin, Illinois, and sold by Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc.

There is no “one” sweeper that will do EVERY job. Elgin understands this and has designed a sweeper for every job. Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc is proud to be the only dealer of Elgin Sweepers in Texas.

Mechanical Sweepers

Mechanical sweepers are extremely powerful sweepers able to collect large debris. Rough or uneven surfaces are not a problem for these sweepers. This class of sweepers contains the Pelican which is the most compact sweeper.

Broom Badger * Broom Bear * Eagle * Pelican * Road Wizard * Hybrid Broom Bear * Hybrid Pelican * Electric Broom Bear

Eagle -regenerative- air- street -sweeper from Elgin Sweepers
Construction-site-with-the-regin-x-1-from- Elgin-swwepers-with-the- hopper-extended-dumping-into-a-boxs

Regenerative Air Sweepers

Regenerative air sweepers are the most sophisticated sweeper systems available. The high pressure air is forced through a narrow opening in the pickup head creating an air knife which animates the debris on the surface. That debris is then sucked through a series of filters and circulated back through the system.

Crosswind1 * RegenX * RegenX1

Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc is the only dealer to offer single engine design for regenerative air sweepers in Texas.

Pure Vacuum Sweepers

Pure vacuum sweepers offer the cleanest sweep of all the sweepers. The Megawind can even be used to clean out catch basin, remove leaves and debris, as well as, street sweeping.

Megawind * Whirlwind * Whirlwind1


How do you know which type of street sweeper is the best for your needs? Our equipment specialist will sit down with you and discuss your specific needs and match those needs with the right sweeper.


Street Sweepers are available for rent.

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Our Mile After Mile program enables cities and municipalities to purchase equipment without maxing out the budget.