KEG Nozzles

KEG Nozzles- The Best Equipment Under One Roof

Because no one nozzle can do every job.

KEG makes a nozzle for every job.



Designed to aid in routine pipe cleaning and maintenance applications, the KEG Cleaning Nozzle when even go around bends.



Total blockages are no match for the penetrating nozzles such as the Rambo.


finishing-nozzles-from-KEG-designed-like -a- blunt-silver-bullet

KEG’s Rotor Nozzle– removes residual grease deposits, tender roots, and other vegetation to ensure a perfectly clean pipe

For every job, there is a nozzle. Regardless of the equipment on hand, Kinloch Equipment & Supply understands the nozzles you need.

Our PSSR team is happy to demonstrate the different nozzles.