Mile After Mile

The Mile After Mile Program is the most cost-effective way to purchase the environmental equipment you need.

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Under conventional ownership, there are two major unknowns facing city officials and leaders when purchasing equipment:

  • What will it cost to repair and maintain this equipment?
  • When I put the operator in it tomorrow- will it run, or will it experience a mechanical issue creating downtime and preventing productivity?

The Mile After Mile program is designed to remove the two biggest risks AND ensure a greater level of repair and lower maintenance costs.  All this plus a guaranteed amount of up time for the equipment.

  • Lease/purchase payments are structured over a specific term and at customer-desired intervals to eliminate the need to “find” $250,000 or more for a purchase.
  • A guaranteed minimum level of 90% or more equipment availability.
  • An extended non-prorated warranty for the full term of the contract.
  • All repair and maintenance (except specific contractually delineated consumables) are included in the contract payment.
  • A fixed price of equipment disposal at the end of the contract term.