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  Vactor Nozzles

Standard Sanitary

-  One of Vactor's most popular
-  Corrosion- and abrasion-resistant coating
-  Numerous pressure & flow combinations
-  Ideal for general maintenance

Power Cleaner

-  Tough on light grease and sediment
-  Outside coating harder than stainless steel
-  8-jet nozzle
-  Internal cup for diverting spray backwards
-  Numerous pressure and flow combinations

Standard Penetrator

-  One of Vactor's Most popular nozzles
-  Used for cleaning and flushing
-  Corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resisant coating
-  Replacable orifice style now available
-  Remove blockages, mud, gravel, and silt

Standard Sand

-  Penetrating Nozzle
-  Two front penetrators
-  Corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resisant coating
-  Replacable orifice style now available
-  Remove sand, mud, and gravel

P-15 Penetrator

-  Easily navigates small pipes
-  Great for broken or settled pipe
-  Front nozzle ports can be open or plugged
-  Numerous pressure & flow combinations


-  Removes blockages and cleans large pipe
-  "Jack-of-all-Trades" Nozzle
-  Dual-angle jets
-  Front ports can be open or plugged

Super Flusher

-  Flushing Nozzle -  Work-hardened, low-carbon steel
-  10-jet nozzle with high thrust
-  Internal cup diverts the jet spray backwards

Mad Flusher

-  Ideal for storm lines
-  Removes heavy gravel, sludge, mud, sand, and silt
-  Numerous pressure and flow combinations
-  High-angle jets spray quickly
-  Low-angle jets propel debris
-  Indicator rings to show wear

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  ENZ Nozzles

Grenade Bomb

-  Removal of stone, gravel and soft deposits
-  Cleaning pipes before the use of chain flail head or cutter
-  Two different jet angles perform together providing strong traction and effective cleaning

Standard Sewer

-  Appropriate for removal of sludge deposits and blockages
-  Made of wear-resistant, hardened steel
-  Sturdy wall thickness, long service life and a minimum of wear and tear

Chisel Point

-  Sharp cutting edges, will tear through almost any kind of blockage
-  Penetration of completely clogged pipes
-  Opening of root masses
-  Opening of frozen pipelines
-  Hydraulic thrust boring flushing operations


-  Improved cutting performance
-  More efficient cleaning with a rotating front jet
-  Excellent propulsion
-  Appropriate for blocked, frozen and heavy debris pipes

Chain Scraper

-  Applications include: preliminary operation before renovations with inliners, coatings or by injections
-  Complete root removal
-  Removal of incrustations and deposits
-  Removal of concrete residues in newly installed pipelines prior to inspection

Bulldog Antiblast

-  Designed specifically to prevent blowing toilets while jetting in residential areas
-  "Excellent streak-free, all-around cleaning
-  Low Maintenance, and compatible with recycled water

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