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Overcoming The Challenges of Labor

Overcoming The Labor Challenges By Choosing The Right Equipment.

Every city or organization needs two things to keep it running- money and labor.

This is not new information and it is certainly not new to you. So, how do we address both the challenges of labor and of the budget?

We leverage equipment by choosing the right equipment with the lowest demands for labor.

We leverage the Mile After Mile program only offered by Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc to get the needed equipment with the available funds.

Utilize equipment with lower labor requirements.

Labor presents several challenges and those challenges are not going away. Population is declining so the challenge of getting all the labor you need will continue to be just that- a challenge. Baby Boomers are retiring and the birth rate has decreased.

The advancement of technology is good news because equipment needed to keep the cities running is now being designed to need less labor inputs. Innovative companies like Elgin Sweeper Company, Vactor, and RC Mowers are meeting the needs of this new world.

Using equipment that requires specialties such as a CDL creates a demand for specialized workforce. This labor challenge can be eliminated by using non-CDL required equipment.

Both Elgin Sweeper Company and Vactor have models that do not require CDLs.

Non-CDL Street Sweepers

Regenerative Sweepers
  • RegenX
Mechanical Sweepers
  • Broom Badger
  • Pelican

Non-CDL Vacuum Trucks

  • Impact
The New iMPACT Combination Sewer Cleaner (Side View)

RC Mowers

The maintaining of waterways, steep slopes, and green spaces requires a massive input of labor hours. RC Mowers is changing the business of mowing with two, revolutionary, advances.

  • Remote Controlled Slope Mowers
  • Autonomous Robotic Mowers (AMRs)

Remote controlled mowers allow very difficult areas to be mowed faster with less manpower while keeping those same workers safe. One operator can mower steep slopes, boggy areas, and rough terrain. These areas would typically be done with hand trimmers and a great deal of time. With the RC Mower, the workers are out of harms way and the job gets done quickly.

Remote Controlled Mower

Autonomous mowing robots (AMRs) are cutting edge technology which significantly reduces labor needs. With an AMR, one worker can do the work of three. These machines have all the necessary safety features and are never unattended. While the AMRs mow, the attending worker uses the hand trimmer completing the job in record time.

Autonomous mowing robot sitting on a green field.
Autonomous Mowing Robot- AMR

The right equipment reduces the headaches of labor and the right program makes that equipment a reality.

Our exclusive Mile After Mile program is the right program.

Every organization faces the same challenges. Our company is the only one offering a solution to these challenges. With the Mile After Mile program, we work with you to design the financing plan that fits your budget and your timeline. Speak with our Sales Manager today to find out how you can take advantage of this program.

mile -after- mile- logo-overlayed-on-an-opaque-gray-background-with-a-vactor-impact-vacuum-truck

As you can see, the right equipment combined with the right program will enable you to overcome the challenges with labor. The right investment will take you from jobs not done to jobs done.

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