RAMJET by Vactor

All The Best Equipment Under One Roof: RAMJET by Vactor

Instituting a regular line maintenance program is easy with the Ramjet truck-mounted jetter. Equipped with the Vactor Jet Rodder water pump, the Ramjet effectively breaks up blockages in sanitary lines, flushes out debris, and scours sewer lines clean.

Ramjet-jetter-truck-by Vactor-sitting-in-front-of-kinloch-equipment-and-supply-in-Pasadena-texas

RAMJET 850 Truck Series

No CDL Required

Run Dry Pump

Low Profile

Multiple Pump Options

Flows available from 18 to 100 GPM & Pressures to 400 psi

The Ramjet jetter trailer is the perfect machine for a faster, safer response to sewer blockages.

Ramjet Trailer Series

Low Profile

Run Dry Pump

300, 350, & 750 gallon tank options

Easy to Tow

All Ramjet trucks and trailers are 100% customizable.