Introducing LiberatorMAX™, the most advanced system for team communications.

LiberatorMAX Team Communication System

Wireless Applications and Uses:

  • Paint striping trucks
  • Crane communications
  • Train / Railroad
  • Construction sites Workboats
  • Asphalt paving machines
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Utility line pulling
  • Aerial lifts / bucket trucks
  • Building maintenance
  • Marine engine rooms
  • •Tree trimming
  • Airport tarmac
  • Command vehicles

Sale Price- $800

For Demos and more information contact:

Jeff Jackson @ 713-473-6213

Industrial Applications for LiberatorMAX

Introducing LiberatorMAX™, the most advanced system for team communications. Multi-person intercom system that is versatile and simple to use. Turn the headset on and be connected with other headsets. No installation or base station is required which gives you the freedom to move around without any restrictions.

Full duplex, hands-free intercom between headsets

Component Features

• Up to 8 intercom (unlimited amount of listen-only headsets).
• 8 talk group channels.
• Ability to integrate portable radio into the headset allowing the user to simultaneously communicate over the
portable radio and intercom.
• Range: Up to 1,500 feet (line of sight).
• Premium dual-speaker headset with noise reduction rating of 23dB.
• Full duplex intercom communications without any push-to-talk (PTT) required.
• Available in Behind-the-Head Style.
• 15 hours battery life.
• Different charging options available.
• Charge anywhere with either a 120V or 12V/24V power source.
• Carrying case available.