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The Crosswind1 with FSX Package- Airport Sweeping Done Right

For Fast Sweeping and FOD Control, the Crosswind1 with FSX package by Elgin Sweeper Company delivers results.


Understanding The Changing Needs of Airport Sweeping.

As air travel has increased, so have the challenges of keeping the runways clean and debris controlled. Meeting the needs of airports to control FOD and for keeping all the other areas of the airport clean is a huge challenge. Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc is proud to provide airports in Texas with the best sweeping option.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What is FOD?
  • How the Crosswind1 with the FSX package enables the execution of the FOD control plan.
  • Additional options for the Crosswind1 sweeper

What is FOD?

FOD stands for Foreign Object Damage. This damage comes from debris being blown by aircraft engines or the wind generated from takeoff and landing. Equipment may be damaged by the impact or by having debris sucked into engines damaging the components. Personal can also be injured, or even killed, by debris blown by aircraft. As you can see, FOD is a serious problem. Airports are required to implement a FOD control plan for keeping the runways and other areas clean. It is estimated that damage costs the aerospace industry more than 4 billion dollars per year. (boeing.com)

The Crosswind1 FSX Package and FOD

Airports have a broad spectrum of sweeping needs. This creates a need for a versatile sweeper. The FSX has the ability to sweep runways fast and cleanly. With a unique pickup head, the Crosswind1 with the FSX package can sweep 950,000 sq. ft. (88,255 sq. m) of runway per hour, and sweeps tarmac, gate areas and access roadways at slower speeds.

Elgin’s user friendly controls ensure ease of use for personnel tasked with maintenance. Most maintenance plans include driving over the surfaces looking for debris. With a street sweeper, that drive can be done while cleaning the surface areas. The large 8 cu. yard (6 m3) capacity hopper provides extended sweeping time. A traditional tilting hopper 50 degree dump angle and drop down hopper screens make the Crosswind1 easy to clean.

Additional Options To Increase Productivity

Special options are available including: poly side brooms, a high-performance cast aluminum side air blast nozzle, pick-up head casters, and a heavy duty magnet mounted to front bumper and a glycol recovery system.

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