TRXX by Truvac


Hydro Excavation Trailer

Easy To Learn. Easy To Operate. Easy To Maintain.

Compact Fits Tight Spots

Sometimes big jobs are in small spots. This powerful trailer-mounted hydro excavator fits where large trucks cannot.

Dig smart and get the job done. The TRXX is decked out with the latest technology coupled with the best design.

  • SPOILS TANK: 500 or 800 gallons
  • FRESHWATER TANK: 200 or 400 gallons
  • VACUUM SYSTEM: 600 cfm or 1,000 cfm
  • WATER PUMP: 5 gpm @ 3,000 psi
  • BOOM: Optional strong arm or
  • hydraulically operated boom
  • FILTRATION: Standard 5 micron final filter, optional cyclone filtration

Demos are now being scheduled for Spring 2023 for the

NEW hydro excavator from TRUVAC!