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What Is A Mechanical Sweeper

What is a mechanical Sweeper and which one is right for you?

Elgin Sweeper Company began when John Murphy designed the first motorized street sweeper. Named for the town in which the street sweepers are made, Elgin, Illinois, Elgin Street Sweeper Company has been leading the industry ever since. Even today, the sweepers are manufactured in the town where they began, truly Made IN The USA! Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc is proud to be one of the leading Elgin Street Sweeper dealers in the country.

With over 40 years experience in the industry, we know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two! Mechanical sweepers offer capabilities that other sweepers do not. So how do you know what type of sweeper is right for you? Let the product specialists at Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc help you find the right fit for your job application.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What is a mechanical sweeper?
  • The benefits of a Elgin Broom Bear Street Sweeper.
  • The benefits of the Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper.
  • The benefits of the Elgin Road Wizard Street Sweeper.
  • The benefits of the Broom Badger Street Sweeper.
  • The benefits of the Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper.
  • How to chose the sweeper that is best for you.
Elgin-pelican-street -sweeper-an-industrial-sweeper-on-a-concrete-pad-in-front-0f-a-warehouse
Waterless Pelican Street Sweeper

What is a Mechanical Sweeper?

The original street sweeper design is still the basis of the mechanical street sweeper today.

Mechanical street sweeper design:

The side brooms have two functions; first to flick the material from the street into the path of the components that will pick up the debris, second when necessary, the side brooms can be used to scrub compacted dirt prior to flicking it under the unit. Curtains are also used to keep the debris from being shot across path of the main broom. The mechanical sweeper then employs cylindrical brooms which sweep debris onto a conveyor belt or conveyor that transport the material into the hopper. Today’s machines are also very efficient at minimizing dust by the use of water to not only knock down the dust around the machine, but to add weight to the material so that it easily falls into the hopper.

Mechanical sweepers are great for jobs that require the removal of heavy debris as well as city streets. With the various designs, Elgin Mechanical Sweepers range from large capacity, full-size sweepers to small, compact sweepers. Elgin understands sweeping needs vary depending on the job application and have designed a sweeper for every job.

Elgin Broom Bear

Rugged and built to last, the Broom Bear is the most efficient sweeper on the market. This sweeper features a large debris hopper and water tank increasing productivity by increasing sweeping time.

The single engine design means less time and money spent on maintenance. Operators will have cleaner dumps thanks to the variable dump height and eleven inches of hopper side-shift capability. Available as a hybrid electric and CNG.

One of the great new features of the Broom Bear is that it is also available on a NON-CDL chassis. 

Elgin Eagle

The Eagle Street Sweeper travels at highway speeds with superior dumping capabilities and exceptional sweeping performance.

The Eagle is available with two alternative fuel options and a waterless dust control feature. The Eagle mechanical street sweeper is works well for highway sweeping and specialty sweeping applications like concrete plants.

Elgin Road Wizard

This mechanical street sweeper is built for power. The dual engine design is coupled with a 360 gallon water reservoir and a 5.4 yd. hopper. The Road Wizard street sweeper is ideally suited for construction clean up and gravel loading operations.

The quad-pump hydraulic system for maximum power to the ground while sweeping- meaning heavy debris is no problem for this sweeper.

Elgin Broom Badger

Compact and powerful, the Broom Badger mechanical sweeper is ideal for municipalities and contractors needing to be able to sweep tight spaces. The low profile enables easy sweeping of tree-lined streets.

4 yd. hopper, variable height dumping, 220 gallon water tank, and gutter brooms add up to serious productivity. All this contained on a chassis that does NOT require a CDL.

Elgin Pelican

This three wheeled mechanical sweeper offers the greatest visibility and maneuverability of all the sweepers. Small but tough, the Pelican offers legendary performance- there’s a reason the Pelican is the world’s most popular sweeper.

This sweeper is easy to service and easy to dump with single lane dumping. The Pelican is available standard with a diesel engine has an option for CNG, and as a plugin hybrid electric power.  The Elgin Pelican is also available waterless for industrial applications requiring dry sweeping. 

How Do You Chose The Right Street Sweeper?

With so many sweeper options and applications, it is important to understand what you need your sweeper to do. You also need to know what aspects are most important such as the ability to travel at highway speeds vs extended sweeping time. When it comes time to purchase a sweeper, it is critical to have a sweeper specialist work with you to choose the model and features that enable you and your company to get the most from your sweeper.

Not only does Elgin sweeper manufacture mechanical sweepers, they also manufacture regenerative air and pure vacuum sweepers. Learn more about the three types of sweepers here.

Did you know that Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc offers flexible payment options on all of our large equipment? Check out our Mile After Mile program. Whatever your equipment and budget needs are, we are here with all the equipment you need under one roof.

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