Years Of Experience

About Kinloch equipment & supply, Inc

We sell all the best equipment under one roof & we are with you every mile.

When Todd Kinloch founded Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc in 1995, he had a strong desire to elevate the level of service and integrity in the environmental equipment industry.

Twenty-seven years later and Kinloch is delivering on that vision.

Now, with three branches to serve the great state of Texas, you will not find better service or better equipment in the industry.

Todd Kinloch understands this market and the challenges that come with balancing equipment needs and budget. At Kinloch Equipment and Supply, Inc you can find the equipment you need with budget-friendly options such as renting, rent to own, and the Mile by Mile program.

Why choose us

The Best Equipment with the highest level of service

Our mission

To market the highest quality equipment and to offer the highest degree of support and service to the businesses and government agencies that maintain and improve our environment.

Our Vision

To elevate the environmental equipment industry through quality service from the first demo throughout the life of that equipment.

Our methods

Our equipment specialists find the best fit for your equipment needs. After the sale, we are with your every mile with equipment specific parts and service.