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Electric Street Sweeper Available in Texas

All Electric Street Sweeper For Sale In Texas


Elgin Sweeper Company has developed the first all electric street sweeper.

For more than a century, Elgin Sweeper Company has led the way in design and engineering. They are continuing to lead the way into a new era with the first 100% electric street sweeper. The Broom Bear Street sweeper is the first completely electric street sweeper. Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc is proud to be the first dealership to sell an all electric street sweeper in Texas,

Why choose the Electric Broom Bear Street Sweeper?

  • 100% electric, zero-emission mechanical sweeper
  • Enough battery capacity (400kWh) to handle extended shifts
  • A tight turning radius provides exceptional maneuverability
  • Reduced maintenance to maximize uptime
  • State and federal incentives available

100% Electric, Zero Emissions- Uncompromised Performance

For years, the Broom Bear Street Sweeper has been a hard working compact mechanical sweeper. The Broom Bear has a large hopper and large water tank to increase sweeping time. It’s compact design makes it ideal for city streets and parking lots. None of these qualities have changed, its just now 100% electric.

In addition to all the benefits of an electric vehicle including noise reduction and lower maintenance costs, the Electric Broom Bear has plenty of energy onboard, so customers can sweep and run their regular routes without worrying about getting home. It has enough energy for a full workload and some leftover for operators’ peace-of-mind. 

With electric vehicles becoming a reality to meet ZEV targets and stricter emissions standards, the Electric Broom Bear delivers another option for customers to achieve their sweeping and sustainability goals.

Developed specifically for vocational use, the electric chassis is from Battle Motors, formerly Crane Carrier Company, which has a 75 year history of providing heavy duty trucks and has an extensive and highly trained dealer network for service and support.    The additional weight of the electric chassis was taken into consideration when developing the Electric Broom Bear, and customers can rest at ease knowing the payload capacity is the same as a standard Broom Bear.

As with all of its diesel and CNG truck-mounted sweepers, Elgin customers will be able to choose electric chassis from other major chassis OEMs when they meet the performance and aftermarket support needs of its customers.

Flexible payment options to meet your budget needs.

As with all the equipment Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc offers, the electric Broom Bear is available on the Mile After Mile Program.

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To schedule your demo or talk with someone about the Mile After Mile program, Contact Us Here.

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