Vactor / Vactor 2100i Vacuum Truck

The Rapid Deployment Boom for the Vactor 2100i

The RDB (Rapid Deployment Boom) sets the Vactor 2100i apart from the competition.

The Vactor 2100i Plus sets the standard in the industry. There are many features and options making this combo vacuum sewer truck essential to maintaining water and wastewater systems. Visit our Vactor page to see more of those features.

The Rapid Deployment Boom (RDB) telescopes out 10′ and extends down 15′ eliminating the need for additional tubes.


While other vacuum trucks my have booms that telescope out, none can extend down 15′. This feature enables workers to increase productivity by eliminating the extra time needed to attach tubes to begin a job and detach the tubes when a job is finished.

Occasionally, there are manholes in hard to reach areas. The RDB makes those hard to reach sites easy as counting to three.


The RDB is easy to deploy and easy to use. All the controls are in the IntuiTouch Control Panel.


Vactor leads the industry for water & waste water with the most impressive trucks available.

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