Three Types of Elgin Sweepers

How To Choose the Right Street Sweeper

Info graphic depicting the different application of the types of Elgin Sweepers

Knowing which type of sweeper you need can be a challenge.

We have sweeper specialist at Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc. to help you sort through the misinformation out there and choose the right street sweeper for you needs.

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Three Types of Sweepers

Mechanical Sweepers

Mechanical sweepers have the ability to pick up the largest debris of all the sweeper types. The are also best suited for rough surfaces
Eagle -regenerative- air- street -sweeper from Elgin Sweepers

Regenerative Air Sweepers

Regenerative Air Sweepers use recirculated air to remove even the fine particles off debris from the surface.
Construction-site-with-the-regin-x-1-from- Elgin-swwepers-with-the- hopper-extended-dumping-into-a-boxs

Pure Vacuum Sweepers

Pure Vacuum sweepers are just what the name implies- nothing but vacuum to suck the debris from the surface. These sweepers offer the cleanest sweep of all the sweepers.

Sit down with our sweeper specialist today and find out which sweeper is right for you-