Vactor / Vactor 2100i Vacuum Truck

Water Recycling System by Vactor

The water recycling system by Vactor: the ONE (1) way to increase productivity & water conservation.

Resources are everything.

There are two that cannot be replaced:

  • Time
  • Water

With the Vactor Water Recycler available on the Vactor 2100i Combo Sewer Cleaner, saving time, money, and water is possible. 

The recycler filters the water vacuumed into the tank making it usable again and again.  Instead of filling the tank with water from a hydrant, the tank can be filled straight from the manhole at the work site.  

Why clean sewers with fresh, drinkable water?

The Vactor Water Recycler enables the recycling of waste water at the site resulting in a positive water management program.

With the Vactor Water Recycler, work does not have to stop until the work is done.

Typically, a city worker or contractor would need to fill the tank at a hydrant before traveling to the work site.  With up to 80 gallons of water used per minute to clean the sewer lines, the tank would then need to be filled again in less than thirty minutes. 

At this point-

  • Work stops. 
  • Productivity stops. 
  • Time is wasted.
  • Fuel is wasted.

Cutting edge technology from Vactor changes everything.

  • Work continues uninterrupted.
  • Productivity Increases
  • Wastewater is put to good use
  • Fresh water is conserved

Obviously, the water brought in from the sewer line has debris in it. When the water enters through the tank, gravity activates the initial seperation.

Initial separation is activated by gravity in the main body.
As the water moves through the coarse screen filter, large debris is removed.
Water- Recycling -System -absolute -classification- filter
The absolute filtering system is located at the rear of the truck.
The final stages of the filtering system remove debris as small as a human hair.
Once the water has moved through the filtration system, it is pumped into the holding tanks.

By filtering the water through the absolute water filtration system, the water pump, hoses, nozzles, and sewer lines are all protected. 

This system is simple to operate and self-cleaning with no moving parts in the body or tanks. Because of this, this system is inexpensive and simple to maintain.

Benefits of the Vactor 2100i with the Vactor Water Recycler:

  • Saves Time and Fuel Costs by eliminating the need to travel to a water source
  • Water is recycled saving drinkable water
  • Simultaneous operation- recycles water while cleaning lines
  • Stainless steel construction- all valves, filters, screens, and piping on the recycling system
  • Self-cleaning
  • Simple to operate- one button engages the system
  • No moving parts in the body or tanks
  • Absolute water filtration to 100 micron particle size
  • Uses the proven Vactor JetRodder pump- the large diameter, slow moving pump handles dirty water better than high speed pumps.

When it comes to managing a city or a business, in the end it all comes down to the bottom line- the budget.

As proven above, the expense of the Water Recycler option will be recouped in the reduction of fuel costs and the increase in productivity.  

At Kinloch Equipment and Supply, we understand budget constraints.  We offer several budget friendly options for you to acquire the equipment you need.  Our Mile after Mile program is designed to reduce the costs of acquisition and maintenance allowing you to purchase the equipment needed.

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